Shiseido Rookie Runners Ms. Okamoto and Ms. Maeda share their tips on how to lose weight

Minaru Okamoto and Kain Maeda, rookies graduating from high school this year, are with us in this fourth issue to reveal their tips on how to lose weight through running and dieting. We are keen to know!

Tue, Nov. 15, 2018

Women often start running aiming to lose weight. However, if you don’t do it properly and set the right workout menu, you can’t expect good results. Ms. Okamoto and Ms. Maeda are here to explain how to effectively slim down. The rookies are the ones who know the basics of the basics.

ADVICEProfessional advice on running


Check your causes, not your weight

――Ms. Okamoto
Speaking of slim-down, many of you may be more concerned about body weight, saying “how many kilos have I lost?” stepping on the scale. But I would like to suggest that you pay more attention to “the causes of weight loss.” You can reduce body weight by reducing fluids, muscle mass and fat, but it’s important to focus on reducing fat if you are trying to lose weight.

Conversely, it’s not good to reduce fluids and muscle mass to lose body weight. If you reduce fluids, you will suffer dehydration and if the muscles are reduced, your metabolism will be slower, getting harder to lose weight. Through running and workout, you can boost your metabolism, which promotes fat-burning, and effectively lose weight.

Always seek a balanced diet


――Ms. Maeda
Diet also plays an important role in effectively slimming down. Shiseido Running Club has a professional dietitian who prepares breakfast and dinner for us during the weekdays and Saturday morning. The meals are always well-balanced with egg recipes so that we can take in enough protein. Thanks to a good variety like sunny-side-up and omelet, we never get tired of egg dishes.

We normally undergo training in the morning and afternoon. We have breakfast two to three hours before training, eating easily digested food with calories of 650-750kcal. For women who don’t exercise, their daily calorie intake should be less than 2,000kcal, but those who do exercise regularly like amateur runners, I would say that they should aim to take in 2,300kcal a day with three meals.

Don’t self-control too much, indulge yourself once in a while

――Ms. Okamoto
Many of you may think that being on a diet means strict dietary restriction. But I wouldn’t recommend too much self-control here. For instance, we Shiseido Runners individually decide what to eat for everyday lunch and weekend meals. Of course, we sometimes have a craving for sweets and fried foods. If so, we allow ourselves to fully enjoy it for a change.

Shiseido Running Club uses a diet record app to keep track of what the runners eat and the dietitian, the head coach, the coaching staff and the teammates can see all those records. By visualizing everyday meals, we can check through and realize what we ate, like “I had a lot of fried foods over the weekend...,” and that helps us to reflect such findings into future diet plans, having well-balanced meals. I think these kind of tools, apps, etc. are very useful and helpful.

Thanks to Ms. Okamoto and Ms. Maeda for their advice on losing weight. Next, here are tips for creating a “beautiful body.”


Running isn’t good enough?!
How to effectively create a beautiful body

Until a few years ago, it was said that we can slim down simply by doing aerobic exercise such as running because it helps burn fat. But these days, a combination of aerobic exercise and workout apparently works much more effectively due to its synergy and helps lose weight drastically.

Best slim-down results from running after workout

Working out may evoke an image of a ripped body. But don’t worry! Women have a larger amount of body fat compared to men and are in fact unable to get ripped so quickly. Many actresses, artists overseas and Japanese celebrities, etc. actively include workout in their body maintenance program and their bodies are good examples, telling us what kind of workout is appropriate to tone our body.

The effects of working out are varied, and one major effect is to stimulate growth hormone release. Muscle fibers get damaged from training and to rebuild such fibers, growth hormone is released which helps further improve the effect of bodybuilding.

Furthermore, this growth hormone is also called an anti-aging hormone and said to work to delay aging and create beautiful skin.

So, how should we include workout into our training program? Well, the best way is working out before running. Working out is anaerobic so the body digests carbohydrates as an energy source during exercise. And if you do aerobic exercise while the carb level is lower after anaerobic exercise, your body will digest fat as a main energy source, which means that you can more quickly burn fat while running.

There are, of course, various types of workout, and the best exercise for runners is squats, which help improve your running ability and keep metabolism. It’s easy to try, which is great isn’t it?

Don’t forget about protein

Don’t forget to take enough protein after training.

Muscles are made of protein. If there are not enough ingredients, muscles cannot be created. So, make sure to take in protein sources such as meat and fish after training.
If you don't have much of an appetite, it’s okay to take dietary supplements, instead. Even if you take dietary supplements,
it does no harm unless you don’t eat too much. So, eat high-protein foods as much as possible.

Reducing food intake too much will result in slow metabolism

The basic principle of weight loss is “calorie output > calorie intake”. That said, if you reduce calorie intake too much, your body will digest muscles first, prior to fat as an energy source. In other words, the more you work out, the more the muscle mass is reduced, the slower your metabolism becomes and the harder it is to lose weight.
After workout, by taking enough protein and carbohydrates, protein can be more effectively absorbed into the cells.

If you just want to lose weight, you can do it simply by reducing the amount of food you eat. But, if you are aiming to slim down in a healthy way, you need to think more carefully. Especially if you want to tone your body through running, you need to be more aware of what you eat and create the right training plan. You can create a beautiful body through running and workout, so go for it!


Shiseido Running Club

Began track and field in second year of junior high. Won the first section award in Nagasaki Prefecture High School Ekiden in 2016. Recently, she enjoys Instagram, checking popular cafes and sweets and trying them on weekends. This year, she is trying for a new personal best at 5,000m and aiming next to be an active marathon runner and take part in the Olympic Games in the future.


Shiseido Running Club

Born in Yakushima island, Kagoshima prefecture, and started fully engaging in track and field after entering Kagoshima Girls’ High School. She joined Shiseido Running Club this year as she was recognized by the Club’s head coach, Manabu Kawagoe, for her running skills. In her free time, she enjoys cycling many different places. She once cycled 35km one way to a zoo in Chiba prefecture to see her favorite animal, a sloth. This year, she is aiming to beat her personal record at 3,000m.