Special advice from Ms. Makara on how to select running wear

Ms. Aoi Makara, the number one fashionista among Shiseido Running Club members, is with us in this second issue to reveal her special tips on running wear and sun care.

Thu, Oct. 18, 2018

If you’re just starting out, you may put a focus on the right running form or style. But at the same time, I bet running girls are more concerned about their running outfits or sun care, aren’t we?

Ms. Makara is known as a great fashion lover among Shiseido Running Club members and always enjoys exploring trend-setting cosmetics at department stores when she has free time. This time, she gives advice on how to select running wear and the right sun care treatments. Why not give them a try?

ADVICEProfessional advice on running


Choose an outfit that helps you enjoy running

When you head for a run, you want to fully enjoy it, don’t you? If you do, you can run a longer distance and deliver better results, too. So it’s very important to choose an outfit of your favorite color and design.

For instance, I like pink so a lot of my gear is pink, somehow deliberately choosing pink, I guess. Plus, pink is Shiseido’s team color so it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed during a race. From a health perspective, staying mentally healthy is also very important so I would recommend selecting your favorite outfit when running.

Something runners need to keep in mind


Sunburn is a fatal problem for girls. I don’t want to get sunburn either. There are a few things that I bear in mind when I run under harsh sunlight.

Runners often worry about sunburn on their arms if they are in a short-sleeve shirt but in fact, the neck is more likely to get sunburn. So wear a shirt that comes up to the neck and apply sunscreen thoroughly over the neck. If you wear a long-sleeve shirt, you’d better choose a shirt that has longer sleeves covering the back of the hands.

And don’t forget to apply sunscreen over the back of the hands too. Apparently, the neck and hands are the body parts showing signs of age. We always want to run feeling young and beautiful, don’t we?

Fatal problem! Effective sunscreen is a must

Speaking of sun protection, time of day to go running and use of a cap play a great role. If it’s the season with lots of strong sunlight, run in the early morning or evening, avoiding the daytime, and put on a long brim cap, which creates a shade over the face.

UV rays not only damage but also dehydrate the skin. I always carry my must-have ANESSA, which contains skincare ingredients and is sweat/water-proof and long-lasting too. I also recommend moisturizing the skin thoroughly after running.

Ms. Makara has revealed her tips on how to fully enjoy running. She is also very keen and particular about running wear, isn’t she? Well, “a fun run” must be a comfortable run too. Here are some functions of running outfits.


Is special running wear really necessary?
Its role in sun protection

It’s so true that we only need shoes to start running and this is a good thing about running. However, if you are in your favorite outfit, you can enjoy running much more than you would expect and feel more comfortable too. Do you know that?

We can’t go for a run without running shoes and if the shoes are ill-fitting, they may hurt the feet, causing injury. That’s why we carefully select running shoes. On the other hand, we hardly get injured just because the outfit doesn’t fit. So we tend to think “any outfit is okay as long as it’s comfortable”, and quite naturally undervalue the importance of running wear.

However, an appropriate running outfit helps you run more comfortably, possibly achieving better results. And we cannot forget about sun protection too. Here are tips on how to select a running outfit and styling techniques, as well as explanations on the importance of sun protection.

1. Avoid cotton fabric

1. Avoid cotton fabric

As cotton is excellent for moisture absorption, it absorbs sweat well. But there is a disadvantage of this fabric; it’s hard to dry. Cotton absorbs sweat while running, resulting in adding some extra “weight”. Furthermore, wearing a wet T-shirt and keeping it wet may lower the body temperature even in the summer. For these reasons, I would say that an ideal fabric for running gear is polyester, which has sweat-absorbent and quick dry features, instead of cotton.

2. Layer according to the weather conditions and body temperature

In the autumn and winter in particular, we need to know how to coordinate right. We should treat sweating more carefully than the summer; otherwise, we easily lower our body temperature due to sweat. When it gets cold, we opt to put on thicker clothes, but this act actually hinders the control of body temperature, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

2. Layer according to the weather conditions and body temperature

Breathability is the key

Basically, I wear a sweat-absorbent quick dry T-shirt and layer a light long-sleeve shirt depending on the temperature outside. If it’s windy or cold, I put on another wind-proof outer layer as well.

When it’s cold, I put on those three items to start, then take one off as the body gets warmed up. A thing we need to bear in mind is to take gear off before actually sweating. If you sweat and the T-shirt gets wet, your body temperature would be lowered due to sweat so we should be aware of the right timing for controlling the body temperature.

3. Accessories and sunscreen items for better comfort

A running cap helps reduce UV ray exposure in addition to preventing sunburn. Because long hours of sun exposure make you tired, a cap protects you from the sun, reducing physical exhaustion and fatigue.

Arm covers work the same way. They may be thought to simply protect against the cold but there are a variety of summer items that are made of cool touch fabrics with UV protection. You can enjoy the benefits of those items, sun protection and reducing physical exhaustion on a hot sunny day.
We can’t exchange the skin just because it’s damaged; the skin is nothing like an outfit.So use accessories and sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays and save your energy to enjoy a fun run.

NEW Beauty Sun-care series

Sunscreen is a must-have for UV protection. It is important to choose an item that is excellent in terms of being sweat/water-proof and smudge-proof because you are exposed to the sunlight for long hours during your run.

ANESSA Perfect UV Skincare Milk offers strong UV protection thanks to its newly improved Aqua Booster EX technology, which enhances the UV protection veil by reacting with sweat or water.

Formulated with skincare ingredients, it moisturizes and treats damaged skin. It spreads smoothly without leaving a chalky, white residue and the skin feels soft and comfortable.
It can be easily removed by general cleansers, no need to use special cleansing form or scrub, which is very useful, isn’t it?

Running gear that offers comfort

Running gear that offers comfort

Source:adidas news stream

Sweat-absorbent quick dry T-shirt

Select a T-shirt with quick sweat-absorbent and evaporation functions. It helps provide comfort for long hours.

Running pants with pockets

By wearing running pants that have a stretchy pocket around the hip, you can run comfortably as they prevent your personal effects such as snacks, keys or smartphone from jostling around in the pocket while running.

Lightweight jacket

A windbreaker is very useful in the cold weather but it can be bothersome after you take it off. I would recommend a pocketable, portable one in a carry-on bag or lightweight one.

Stretchy jacket with reflectors

Stretchy jacket with reflectors

This long sleeve jacket allows maximum body movement such as arm swing, etc. while running thanks to its highly stretchy fabric. It has a pocket to keep a smartphone and reflectors that increase visibility at night or in the crowded streets. This jacket is a perfect item for runners.

Compression running tights

These highly functional tights hold the body core in place and support the waist, hamstrings, knees and calf muscles, which are more easily hurt during a run. They feature beautiful streamlined graphic design along the muscle lines, realizing beautiful legs.



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