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August 4th, 2016 BEAUTY

Time Limit Is Three Days! Rescue Tips for Careless Sunburn

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Time Limit Is Three Days! Rescue Tips for Careless Sunburn

Summer is full of fun and exciting moments, it makes us want to stay outside and enjoy ourselves! We look forward to the summer events such as going to the beach or pool, but also enjoy daily sports activities such as running. That said, sunburn is one of our biggest concerns. Although we take various measures against UV rays, we can get sunburned before we know it. So here are the rescue tips for careless sunburn.

Review How to Apply Sunscreen

You may think that you already know how to apply sunscreen properly, but do you really? Let’s double-check the essentials!

Apply in thin lines directly on your body
Many of you might first take sunscreen on your palm and spread it onto your body. However, that’s a common cause of sunburn!! It is difficult to apply sunscreen thoroughly and evenly this way as you need to cover a large area. To prevent that, squeeze the sunscreen directly onto your body in thin lines like straws, and spread it with your palm gently and slowly in big circles. This will protect your skin from unexpected sun damage.

Check the body parts that easily get burned
Prevent sun damage by checking the following body parts that are more likely to be missed.
[Face] Under the eyes, between the eyebrows, wings of the nose, hairline, behind the ears.
[Body] Nape, back of the hands, insteps, sides of the body, knees and back of the knees.
It is also important to choose sunscreen according to the time, place and situation. When enjoying leisure or sports activities under the glaring sun, use items with SPF50, PA++++, or water-proof, or cutting-edge products in which UV protection effect is enhanced by sweat or water.

Help! Rescue Tips for Unexpected Sunburn

You were cautious but you still got sunburned. Don’t panic! Proper and timely aftercare can alleviate the damage.

Cool it down first
If after a day in the sun your skin is red with stinging pain, it is the same as a burn. It is vital to cool it down first to alleviate the inflammation. Spray mineral water, which is mild to the skin, directly onto the body, or apply it with cotton pads to relieve the heat. Proceed to whitening care after the redness and burning sensation are eased.

The time limit is three days
Sun-kissed skin might look nice, but dark spots or too much tanning make no one happy. These are caused by melanin production that starts at the deeper layers of the skin once it is exposed to the UV rays. But actually, melanin is not produced until three days after UV exposure. In other words, you have these three days to save your skin! Proper and thorough aftercare within three days from the sun ray exposure will mitigate the production of melanin as much as possible, preserving your young and fresh look!

Masks as a rescue for sun-damaged skin
A whitening mask is one of the ideal aftercare rescues from unwanted suntan and dark spots. By applying whitening masks after sun exposure, whitening ingredients help reduce the production of melanin and minimize the damage. Moreover, the mask contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients and hydrates the skin that is more likely to be dry after sun exposure, so you get total care in one go. And remember, “three days is the time limit”, so it is ideal to apply whitening masks at least for three days in a row.

Shampoo lather and intensive care for sun-damaged hair
It is widely known that hair also gets the sun damage. Especially dry hair or colored hair is easily damaged when exposed to the sun rays. If you wash such damaged hair too roughly, you end up hurting it further. Here is the right way to treat damaged hair.

  1. Before washing your hair, brush it to untangle and increase blood circulation in the scalp. If you have long hair, start brushing from hair ends, gradually working your way up.
  2. Rinse the hair with tepid water thoroughly to remove the sebum from the scalp and dirt from the hair. Lather some shampoo and wash your hair and scalp with it.
  3. Remove excess water from the hair and apply conditioner centering on the damaged parts such as hair ends, running your fingers through the hair to spread evenly. When you use hair treatment or hair masks, cover your head with a steamed towel for a better result.

Do Sports and Stay Beautiful under the Sun!

Once you know the rescue tips, you can enjoy running or other leisure and sports activities without worries.

Don’t spoil the beautiful summer by staying indoors in fear of sun damage! Proper protection and aftercare guarantee you a fun summer.

This information is based on the skin research conducted by Shiseido in Japan.

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