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December 27th, 2017 TRAINING

Runners Magazine Editor’s Choice! Three Running Events in 2018

Runners Magazine Editor’s Choice! Three Running Events in 2018

There’s a little left to go for this year. Did you have great runs in 2017? No matter if you are content with your performance or not, it’s time to set a new goal for the new year, don’t you think? To help you do so, we have Mr. Kurosaki from the editorial team of Runners Magazine to share the information on recommended races and events slated for 2018!

Runners Magazine: Targeting amateur runners, this magazine is released on the 22nd every month. Launched in 1976. The magazine also manages a running portal site, RUNNET, and a race registration site e-moshicom, which mainly covers training sessions and small scale events.

Not Just Running! Latest Trends of Running Events

Not Just Running!Latest Trends of Running Events

Marathon has become one of the most popular sports in Japan. Mr. Kurosaki says that the number of runners who completed a full marathon in Japan was 103,590 in 2006 and constantly increased over the years, reaching 364,546 in 2016. This figure well suggests that a growing number of people are getting into marathon.

In line with this tendency, there are many races and events held in various areas across Japan. “In particular, an increasing number of running events are hosted by private companies instead of municipalities. At the same time, there are more events that combine with other activities, such as RUN + Reading, RUN + Food, RUN + Travel, RUN + Spouse-Hunting, etc., which is a recent trend.” (Mr. Kurosaki)

Slated for 2018! Recommended Races and Running Events

Slated for 2018!Recommended Races and Running Events

Many varieties of running events are planned for 2018 and onward in response to the unfading popularity of running. Here, Mr. Kurosaki introduces races and events that are easy to give a try even for female runners who are starting running from scratch.

Shibuya – Omotesando Women’s Run

Shibuya – Omotesando Women’s Run

First of all, here’s a race that’s perfect for runners who join a running race for the first time. This women’s 10 km race sets its course along Omotesando street and Meiji-Jingu shrine, which are normally closed for runners, so you can enjoy a unique view on the way.

“The most attractive part of this race is that you can run through the places that are normally packed with passersby and cars such as Koen-Dori street or Omotesando street in Shibuya, and within the compounds of Meiji-Jingu shrine. The race sets a relatively longer time limit, allowing a plenty of time even for beginners to cross the finish line.” (Mr. Kurosaki)

▼Shibuya – Omotesando Women’s Run (usually held in late March every year)



The next one is a run event that is sure to be great fun on a summer evening. This relay marathon starts in early evening and team members challenge themselves to see how many laps they can go, passing a cloth sash to the next runner within the time limits of either three or 12 hours. Individual entries are also welcome. Evening race means that even girls who are concerned about UV exposure can enjoy running without fear!

“You can run enjoying the nice summer night breeze. And since this is a relay race, I would recommend joining with your peers, this is so much more fun. Three hours should be enough even for a team of beginners.” (Mr. Kurosaki)

▼RUNNERS RUNNET Night Run Series (usually held in July through early September every year)
(Japanese only)

Ishigamisan Women’s Marathon

Ishigamisan Women’s Marathon

Last but not least, this women’s marathon race is held in Ise-Shima National Park in Mie prefecture. You can enjoy a magnificent view while running and feel a sense of fulfillment when you complete this moderately hilly course. Plus, there is apparently a special service, too. If you are keen on spiritual sites, you will surely appreciate it!

“If you check in on the day before the race, you will get a special prayer at Shinmei-Jinja shine, which is famous for its goddess Ishigamisan, a spiritual figure helping women’s wishes come true. So why don’t you aim at two things there: have fun running and make your wish come true! You can also enjoy local cuisine such as miso-soup with spiny lobster and roasted oysters that are also served on the day.” (Mr. Kurosaki)

▼Ishigamisan Women’s Marathon (usually held in early February every year)
(Japanese only)

(Information provided by Runners Magazine editorial team)
*The execution and details including schedule of the races and events are subject to change.

So what do you think about these races and events? With a good goal, you can look forward to a new challenge! Choose a race or event that you want to join and make your running life more enjoyable in the coming year!

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