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October 25th, 2017 BEAUTY

Stay Beautiful Even if You Sweat! Latest RUN Makeup Techniques: Full Makeup

Stay Beautiful Even if You Sweat! Latest RUN Makeup Techniques: Full Makeup

You may be thinking, “makeup soon comes off with sweat when running…” But, it’s time to step out of the box! In our two-part series, “summer RUN makeup”, we introduce the techniques of a perfect makeup for a run. And in this issue of “Latest RUN makeup techniques: Full Makeup”, following the first issue of “Natural Makeup”, Shiseido hair and makeup artist, Miki Ishida once again shares the techniques of a perfect makeup for a run which stays put even when you sweat and creates a defined glamorous look. If you are one of those girls who usually run without makeup but want to know how to pull off a full makeup look for an event or a run with friends, this is a must-read!

Miki Ishida:Joined Shiseido in 2001. Active in a variety of occasions including collections in New York, Paris and Tokyo with a focus on hairdressing and makeup in photo sessions for Shiseido’s advertisements and PR activities. Also, a lecturer at the hairdressing and makeup school, SABFA.

Selection of Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Blush Tips for Staying Beautiful Even if You Sweat

Selection of Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Blush Tips for Staying Beautiful Even if You Sweat

Eye makeup and blush are apparently the key items for staying beautiful during and after a run. “Once you start running, your blood circulation gets boosted, causing facial flushing, so it’s better to apply blush lightly to create a natural and healthy complexion. Plus, skillful eye makeup application creates a bright 3D image of the eyes, and that makes your facial impression more vivid.”

So, here we ask Ms. Ishida about how to effectively use ➀ eye shadow and eye liner, and ➁ blush, in addition to the basic RUN makeup techniques explained in the previous Natural Makeup issue. Ms. Ishida also introduces her top picks, so make sure to check them out!

The Natural Makeup issue explains how to apply base makeup, which is the key for sweat-proof makeup, as well as eyebrow and lip makeup and mascara.

➀ Eye makeup

If you want to highlight your eyes or create brighter eyes, use eye shadow and eye liner, according to Ms. Ishida. “If you want to look stylish, take the trendy color of pink. Apply cream shadow before the powder type to let the color develop better and stay longer.” Put eye liner only on the outer corners to help your eyes stand out and prevent smudging. This is a useful technique and worth trying, wouldn’t you say?

1) Eye makeup

«Recommended items»
Paperlight Cream Eye Color/SHISEIDO
Shiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Color
A cream eye color with a matte yet translucent finish for vibrant color with just one coat. This uniquely transparent, matte eyeshadow inspired by Japanese Washi paper delivers airy soft, rich color to lids in one coat. Comfortable texture in a crease-resistant formula. This unique cream eye color can be applied for a delicate, feather light finish or layered for a bolder, more saturated pigment.

Luminizing Satin Eye Color/SHISEIDO
SHISEIDO Luminizing Satin Eye Color
True, intense color. Silky-smooth texture. Super silky application and beautiful finish lasts for hours. Powder spreads evenly providing the exact color desired.

Inkstroke Eyeliner/SHISEIDO
SHISEIDO  Inkstroke Eyeliner
Inspired by the ink used in Japanese calligraphy, Sumi Ink, this intense, highly pigmented, water-resistant gel eyeliner lets you draw your desired lines effortlessly in one stroke. Defines bold or delicate lines without creasing, blurring, skipping or smudging. Achieve a perfectly smooth line that doesn’t fade. Includes a portable fine-tipped brush. Comes in an exquisite Shiseido-original container inspired by Japanese ink stones used for calligraphy.

Perfect Black Liner/MAQUillAGE(Japanese Only)
Perfect Black Liner /MAQUillAGE
Create both fine and bold lines without a failure. Jet black liquid eye liner (water-proof)

➁ Blush makeup

What Ms. Ishida recommends is cream-type blush. It blends greatly and the color stays longer, so it’s a perfect item for a run. “Use fingers and apply the blush centering on the highest point of your cheekbone with a light touch. It is easy to control the color intensity, so cream blushes are handy to cover face flush, too.”

2) Blush makeup

«Recommended items»
Skin Enhancing Face Color/PLAYLIST(Japanese Only)
PLAYLIST Skin Enhancing Face Color
Cream-type blush that allows easy control of color intensity and creates a beautiful color gradation

Cream de Cheek/MAJOLICA MAJORCA(Japanese Only)
Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek
Add a healthy glow on your cheeks in one stroke. Gel cream blush color

On top of that, wear a scalp essence such as the one recommended in the previous issue Natural Makeup for a sparkling fragrance on your hair, and bring your beauty to a higher level!

2) Blush makeup

By skillfully adding the color items and eye liner to the base makeup explained in the previous issue on natural makeup, you can wear full makeup that creates a trendy look without nasty smudges! The techniques introduced today are nothing complicated so why don’t you have a go at once? Opt for natural or full according to your mood or running costume, and enjoy your run more than ever before!

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