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August 30th, 2017 BEAUTY

Stay Cute Even if You Sweat! Latest RUN Makeup Techniques: Natural Makeup

Stay Cute Even if You Sweat! Latest RUN Makeup Techniques: Natural Makeup

Many runners might go for a run without makeup saying that “in the summer, makeup soon comes off with sweat anyway so why bother?” But, what would you say if the makeup stayed put, and you could still be cute even if you are slick with sweat? When we look our best, we perform our best, don’t you think?

Shiseido hair and makeup artist, Miki Ishida shares the techniques of a perfect makeup for a run in a two-part series on “natural makeup” and “full makeup”. In this “natural makeup” issue, she introduces easy, quick natural makeup that doesn’t come off with sweat, applying the trendy color of pink.

Miki Ishida:Joined Shiseido in 2001. Active in a variety of occasions including collections in New York, Paris and Tokyo with a focus on hairdressing and makeup in photo sessions for Shiseido’s advertisements and PR activities. Also, a lecturer at the hairdressing and makeup school, SABFA.

All You Need is Essential Kit Tips for “Cute” RUN makeup!

All You Need is Essential Kit Tips for “Cute” RUN makeup!

This is a simple and plain makeup using only four key items: ① base makeup, ② mascara, ③ eyebrow liner, and ④ lipstick. Ms. Ishida advises on how to use each of these to apply RUN makeup and recommends her favorite items.

① Base makeup

Shake BB cream well and take an appropriate amount onto a palm. Apply lightly and spread it outward from the center of the face. Thick makeup tends to get smudged easier, so apply as lightly as possible for a natural look. If you have a skin concern, apply the cream thoroughly only on the affected part so that the makeup looks lightweight yet gives a great coverage. This technique is the key to a perfect RUN makeup, both natural and full!

≪Recommended items≫
An innovative natural-looking, long-lasting and transfer-resistant BB tinted sunscreen with Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection formula and WetForce Technology for powerful, beautiful protection.

Perfect BB Base Beauty Booster/Anessa(Japanese only)
Perfect BB Base Beauty Booster/Anessa (Japanese only)
Anti-smudge BB base that covers spots and pores with a natural finish. SPF50+/PA++++

② Eye makeup

With an eyelash curler, curl the eyelashes firmly from the root and apply mascara on the upper eyelash. “If mascara is applied on the lower eyelash before running, it will easily run and smudge, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that,” advises Ms. Ishida.

Eye makeup

≪Recommended item≫
Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Waterproof/SHISEIDO
Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Waterproof/ SHISEIDO
All-day panoramic curl, lift, volume and length even for straight, downward lashes.

③ Eyebrow makeup

“Before shaping the eyebrows, use blotting paper or tissue to absorb sebum so that eyebrow makeup stays longer. This is quite a useful trick I would recommend trying before a run.” And use a liquid eyebrow liner, brushing in the direction of hair growth with short strokes, to shape natural-looking eyebrows.”

Eyebrow makeup

≪Recommended item≫
Perfect Eyebrow/ANESSA (Japanese only)
ANESSA Perfect Eyebrow (Japanese only)
Long lasting, water-proof eyebrow liner for a perfect shape

④ Lip makeup

I would recommend lip makeup items with high moisturizing effect to protect lips from UV-rays and outer air. Blur the lip color from the center, and layer the color for a more fresh and vibrant look. “Go for a lip tint as it lasts longer. And pink gives a trendy image to your face. You can also enjoy a vivid color matching your costume.”

Lip makeup

≪Recommended item≫
Veiled Rouge/SHISEIDO
SHISEIDO Veiled Rouge
A long-wearing, hydrating lipstick with transfer-resistant color that stays put for gorgeous looking lips all day long.

Plus Hair Fragrance Item to Add Charm!

Once you finish the makeup, let’s move on to hairstyling. Scalp sweats more easily so many of us have a concern over the smell, too. Use a sparkling fragrance that wafts as the hair sways to add charm to your image during and after a run.

≪Recommended item≫
Scalp Essence (sparkling fragrance)/BENEFIQUE (Japanese only)
Scalp Essence (sparkling fragrance)/BENEFIQUE
As the hair sways, the lovely fragrance wafts while keeping the scalp fresh.

natural makeup

With the tips from Ms. Ishida, you can apply natural RUN makeup only with simple basic items and stay cute during a run! Enjoy natural makeup that lasts longer and creates flawless, healthy skin.

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