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December 28th, 2016 WELLNESS

Run to Lose Weight? Effective Diet and Right Amount of Exercise

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Run to Lose Weight? Effective Diet and Right Amount of Exercise

Your December calendar is filled with plans of dining out, Christmas party and year-end party… and another good excuse to enjoy delicious food… This time of the year, many of you might get rather panicky and start planning a diet and a running schedule to offset the outcome of wonderful feasts – a flabby belly. But, you cannot effectively lose weight simply by increasing the amount of exercise or going for a run more often! Today, a bodyworker, Takuro Mori reveals effective diet and exercise techniques to successfully lose weight.

I do run but never lose weight… Diet is the key to success!

Well, in the first place, it is far too hard for us to burn off what we ate by exercise alone. For example, in order for a 50 kg person to burn off 500 kcal (one or two doughnuts), he/she needs to run 10 km within 60 minutes. If so then, to burn off what you ate and drank last night, which was far too much, you need to…? Thus, it is crucial to review your eating habits to lose weight quickly and effectively.

That said, it is also not a good idea to overly reduce your daily calorie intake. You may soon lose weight, but at the same time, you are losing muscle too! And if you lose muscle, your metabolism is affected and slows down, resulting in a rebound. On top of that, if you do exercise amid such condition, you become undernourished and that may cause severe health concerns such as amenorrhea! It is very important to make sure that you take the necessary nutrients first and remove the unwanted ones properly.

Foods directly linking exercise and weigh loss

One of the basic principles of exercise for losing weight is eating the right foods when doing exercise. So, what are “the right foods”?

Your body relies on carbohydrate for half of the calories needed for running. If you run without enough carbohydrate in your body, the muscles will be decomposed instead and the metabolism will slow down. So, rice is well recommended for carbohydrate intake. One bowl of rice would be the right portion for a meal.

◇Beef and Lamb
Red meat, which is rich in iron and zinc, is an ideal source of protein, an essential item for active body. It is also high in carnitine that effectively burns fat. Avoid fatty parts and take about 1.5 servings. At the same time, liver is also highly recommended since it is rich in iron, vitamin A and B group vitamins that well prevent us from anemia.

Eggs are a “perfect food” so we can safely eat one to three eggs a day!

Eat green and yellow vegetables for vitamin C! However, be careful with dressing as it contains a lot of oil. You don’t need to stick to salad; enjoy various dishes to take enough vegies!

Some foods might look like enemies of proper weight loss diet, but actually help boost exercise efficiency! Now, let’s find out the foods that work adversely for dieters….

X Sweets and bread: Contain a lot of refined sugar and fat. Not recommended!
X Fruits: Better avoid them right before or after a workout because the energy and nutrients are quickly absorbed into the body.
X Junk foods: High-calorie & low-nutrient → Low in exercise efficiency → Slow down metabolism

Still craving for food and booze! What should I do?

Everyone knows that alcohol never works for exercise and weight loss diet. That said, it is not very smart if you repeatedly decline invitations. In such cases, Japanese food and sea food are recommended but you’d better avoid deep fried food and distilled alcohol, especially fruit liquors. The day after heavy drinking, vitamins, minerals and protein in your body are used up and your metabolism is down. So it is well recommended that you take protein and supplements before going for a run.

Boost exercise efficiency and successful weight loss diet

Apart from eating habits, exercise timing also affects weight loss. The best timing to increase exercise efficiency is at least five hours after getting out of bed, and to avoid indigestion, it is better to finish a meal three hours prior to a workout. Apparently, the morning body contains less carbohydrate and burns off fat more quickly. If you are a beginner, you may feel dizzy if you run with an empty stomach, so do not overwork yourself. And if you are a morning runner, do have a proper breakfast after the run.

★Ideal amount of exercise to quickly burn off fat
●For three or more runs a week: Run for 30-60 minutes at a slow pace, without losing your breath.
●For one to two runs a week: Run for 60 minutes at a slow pace, without losing your breath,or for 30 minutes at a fast pace that makes you almost out of breath.

A good balance of an effective diet and exercise makes weight loss successful!

Today’s advisor
Takuro Mori
Bodyworker, who proposes a new body-making method, going beyond the scope of exercise. The author of a Japanese bestseller “Bodyworker’s advice! Weight Loss is 10% Exercise and 90% Diet” (Discover 21)
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