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November 4th, 2016 FASHION

Change the Image! Best Hair Accessories by Hair Length

Change the Image!  Best Hair Accessories by Hair Length

Hair pin, hair band and scrunchie …
Small accessories brighten up your face!

Sure, just a plain hair tie is good enough for a run. But a small accessory will make a big difference to your image, adding colors and brightness. This time, Mr. Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka of Shiseido Beauty Creation Department shares tips on choosing and using the right hair accessories, and the runners of Shiseido Running Club, Ms. Mutsumi Ikeda, Ms. Yukiko Okuno and Ms. Yumi Yoshikawa give it a try.

Toyoyoshi Shinotsuka: In addition to hairdressing and makeup for Shiseido’s advertisements, active in a variety of occasions including women’s magazines and in collections. Also, a lecturer at the hairdressing and makeup school, SABFA.

Short hair: Hair pin adds an accent

Short hair: Hair pin adds an accent

The best item for a runner with short hair is a hair pin. After neatly tucking your hair along the hairline, add a pair of these for a nice accent. This time, Ms. Ikeda braided her bangs sideways and placed two hair pins of different colors next to each other. “Choose a light one as it won’t bother you on the run. Playing with colors can be fun, and a shiny or sparkling pin will make you stand out.” (Mr. Shinotsuka)

Comment from Ms. Ikeda
“I don’t normally use hair accessories, but these hair pins are so easy to use. I want to try it right now!” (Ms. Ikeda)

Medium length: Hair band for a neat hairstyle

Medium length: Hair band for a neat hairstyle

A runner with medium hair length will find a hair band handy. It goes great with many styles: use it to sweep back your bangs and you look neat, or place it over the bangs if you don’t want a bare forehead or want to add some nuances. Today, Ms. Okuno tried two rubber-type hair bands placing her bangs to a side. “Size and material make a huge difference in the look. Do select some bright items to add colors and brightness to the mainstream plain sporty designs. Spend some time to find the item that suites you best,” says Mr. Shinotsuka. Use a fine design band to create a breezy image.

Comment from Ms. Okuno
“My hair always gets in my face when I’m running. With a hair band, I can hold my bangs up neatly and they don’t get messy. I like that!” (Ms. Okuno)

Long hair: Scrunchie makes it fun

Long hair: Scrunchie makes it fun

If you have long hair, you’d better have at least one scrunchie. However, scrunchie itself is not tight enough to hold your hair while running so use a plain hair tie first, then place a scrunchie as an accessory on top. “Choose the right fabric suitable for sports that looks light even if wet with sweat,” says Mr. Shinotsuka. He also recommends chiffon scrunchie as it creates an airy image.

Comment from Ms. Yoshikawa
“By simply adding a scrunchie, my usual ponytail looks so colorful!” (Ms. Yoshikawa)

Vivid colors make your running style!

When you select a hair pin, hair band or scrunchie, it’s all about the right color. “Try coordinating accessories with your outfit or using them as an accent. I would say bright colors are best for running.” (Mr. Shinotsuka) Have fun with cute hair accessories and add style to your running look!

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