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October 21st, 2016 TRAINING

Morning Run or Night Run? Best Timing and Techniques for a Perfect Run!

Morning Run or Night Run? Best Timing and Techniques for a Perfect Run!

Run effectively by adjusting your goal to the time of the day!

Are you expecting the same benefits by running the same distance in the morning and at night? In fact, the effects and best running styles are different depending on the time of the day. Mr. Ryo Iketani, Shiseido Running Club coach gives advice on running techniques, and model Ms. Kazuho Ishida is here to follow his tips!

Shiseido Running Club Running Coach, Ryo Iketani: Born in Tottori in 1990. Graduated from National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya. Participated in the Japan Championship in Athletics. Joined Shiseido in 2016 as a running coach of Shiseido Running Club.

Running techniques from Mr. Iketani: What to bear in mind?

【Morning Run】Check your condition and start slowly. Possible loss in weight with a 30-minute run or longer

● Morning run: Merits and recommended running style
Fat burning effect is one of the merits of a morning run. “If you run before breakfast, little energy is left in your body because it’s been quite a while since you have had dinner. Thus, your body starts burning fat to produce energy for the workout. If you run for more than 30 minutes, you can actually expect losing weight,” says Mr. Iketani.

●Morning run: Demerits and precautions
If you are not a morning person, or busy to get ready for work, morning runs can be tough. Do not push yourself when your body is not fully awake. “If you start your day by running at the same pace as you do in the afternoon or at night, you may be exhausted and unable to concentrate all day… Listen to your body and run at a slow pace for 30~45 minutes, and finish when you feel you have had a good run and are refreshed.” (Mr. Iketani) It is also important to take plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Before starting to run, stretch for five minutes or so to limber up after getting out of bed so that your body can move better.

Before starting to run, stretch for five minutes or so to limber up after getting out of bed so that your body can move better.

【Night Run】Easier to find time and run more nimbly! Run for 50~60 minutes, longer than in the morning

●Night run: Merits and recommended running style
Speaking of the merits of a night run, you can move more smoothly compared to mornings because you’ve spent a day being active. In addition to that, finding time after work is more likely. “Try to design your night run as “proper training” with particular goal-setting. You can deliver the results more easily as you move more nimbly so if you want to set a time or distance to achieve, I would say it is better to go for a night run.” (Mr. Iketani)

●Night run: Demerits and precautions
In fact, being nimble can have adverse effects as well. You may overstretch yourself and damage your body, resulting in pain on the next day. “To prevent overstretching, run at an appropriate pace while observing your condition,” says Mr. Iketani. Plus, pavements can be dark at night and unclear view will limit your running speed. So follow a safe course such as a running course in a park, and run with extra caution not to trip over or get into a traffic accident.
Night run Merits & Demerits

Understand the pros and cons of morning runs and night runs and enjoy effective training

So, is it better to run in the morning or at night, or both? Ask yourself a few questions to find the answer tailored to your lifestyle: Are you an early bird? Do you work early in the morning or finish late at night?, etc. However, Mr. Iketani encourages runners by saying, “Don’t worry too much. Basically, just go running when you feel like it and when you can find time.”

If you want to enjoy running, develop a flexible attitude towards your running schedule. For instance, you didn’t feel like running this morning – so go for a night run instead. Go for a run in the morning if you’ve fixed a lunch with friends. Get up early and run in the morning to enjoy a longer day at the weekend. Mr. Iketani also advises that if you could spare but a little time for a morning run, you can run a little faster and longer at night on the same day. Use the night run to adjust your physical activity and the amount of exercise for the day.

Model Kazuho Ishida tries balancing morning and night runs.
“I could run more effectively than I had expected!”

Now, a model, Ms. Kazuho Ishida tries the new running styles, following Mr. Iketani’s advice. “I have never given a thought to balancing morning and night runs”, says Ms. Ishida. So what does she think about her runs?

Model Kazuho Ishii tries balancing morning and night runs.

“I was half-asleep before going for a morning run, but once I started, I could feel my body and mind wake and clear up, and I could feel so refreshed after running. I could get a fresh start of the day. And at night, I could go for a longer run as I could use most of the remaining energy and ended my run with sweat dripping off, which gave a great sense of accomplishment. Once I ran being aware of the difference between a morning run and a night run, I was rather surprised by how much more effectively I could run. It was definitely more than I had expected.”

Now that you know the effects of morning runs and night runs and the difference in their impacts on physical and mental health, enjoy running while balancing your running styles!

Model/Kazuho Ishida
Model/Kazuho Ishida

Born in 1990. Started running since when she was at university. Her running motto is: Never overstretch and keep your own pace. Runs twice a week and does muscle training to keep a lean body.

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