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September 9th, 2016 BEAUTY

The skin looks moist due to sweat and sebum while it is dried up inside?! Researcher’s tips against “inner dry skin”

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The skin looks moist due to sweat and sebum while it is dried up inside?! Researcher’s tips against “inner dry skin”

In the summer, you find your skin damp and sticky because of sweating or humidity in the air. As you most likely misunderstand your skin as moisturized, you tend to skip moisturizing in your daily skincare. In fact, the “moisture” is due to the sweat or sebum on the skin surface, and the inner skin is quite possibly dried up! If you are suffering from the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures, or if you are a sports lover, enjoying running or other outside activities and regularly exposed to the UV radiation, please take an extra caution! Ms. Senko Negishi from the Shiseido Research Center explains how to recognize “inner dry skin” and provides tips on proper skincare.

UV exposure and everyday lifestyle dehydrate the skin!

The main cause of inner dry skin, which is hard to recognize since its surface is damp with sweat, is the UV rays. Another trigger is the deterioration of the thermoregulatory system of the skin caused by sensing different temperatures when repeatedly going in and out of air–conditioned environments.

What are the conditions of inner dry skin?
1. Deterioration of skin’s protective barrier function due to skin dehydration.
2. Inner skin loses its moisture as the skin’s barrier function deteriorates.
3. Dehydrated skin gets rough and tough.

In order to prevent dehydration, the skin produces sebum. In other words, if you remove too much sebum from your skin, its barrier function will decrease even further, resulting in accelerated development of inner dry skin! That said, we cannot fully avoid the UV rays or temperature difference. Thus, everyday skin care plays an important role in preventing inner dryness.

“Foundation check” for inner dry skin!

So, how can we discern inner dry skin? Even if the skin looks oily or feels damp, you must check carefully if your face feels rough. And if you find it hard to notice, do the “foundation check” on your face!
Do you struggle to apply foundation smoothly or does the makeup come off soon? Such conditions are indeed the very sign of inner dry skin!!
What do you do after being exposed to the UV rays, a trigger for inner dry skin?

What is the right skincare? Prevention tips against inner dry skin

・No emulsion? Not good for the summer
Emulsion helps the skin lotion penetrate well into the skin. Many of you may want to skip it in the summer because it can be sticky and unpleasant on your skin. Actually it’s the heat of your hands and the humidity that create the stickiness. So to enjoy stress-free skincare, use cotton puffs to apply emulsion, especially in the summer.

・No skincare right after bath
You may feel uneasy if you don’t start your skincare right after a bath. However, if you start skincare when you are still sweating, the sweat will prevent the skin from absorbing lotion and emulsion. Especially when you have a shower after doing sports, you keep sweating for a while. In such case, place an ice pack on your neck or use lotion spray that contains alcohol to cool down and refresh your skin! Or else, cool down in an air-conditioned room before you start skincare.

・A fresh day’s start with foaming face wash!
You may be surprised but actually the sweat, sebum and dust in your room accumulate on your face while sleeping. So lather well and wash your face to thoroughly remove those in the morning before starting your skincare. Face wash removes only unwanted substances while maintaining the necessary moisture. Morning skincare helps the makeup go on smoothly and prevents developing inner dry skin.

What do you do after being exposed to the UV rays, a trigger for inner dry skin?

After being exposed to the UV rays, which cause inner dry skin, what kind of extra care can you do? Ms. Negishi says that time plays the key role in the UV care. Do proper care after being exposed to the UV!!


  • Apply a deeply moisturizing mask. You can also apply a pack with your regular lotion!
  • If you feel your skin is rough and the lotion doesn’t penetrate well, use moisture rich lotion with a high softening effect for a change!
  • After applying the lotion, use emulsion to coat moisture. Emulsion is very helpful in protecting your skin from the UV rays in the summer.

In addition, taking Vitamin C and a lot of water, as well as proper meals (especially breakfast!) are very important to boost metabolism, resulting in prevention of inner dry skin.

Once you notice your skin is dry inside, moisturize thoroughly. Proper daily skincare promises you soft, smooth healthy skin even if you lead an active way of life!

No more fear of inner dry skin! If you love to go for a run or do other outdoor sports, particularly in the summer, please visit our website to find more information on running!

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